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Hello and welcome to our new website and new concept, Vintage Virgin. It seems that nowadays 'Vintage is the New In' but how did this idea come about? Since the last century, sadly we haven't seen any kind of trends that match the eras from the twenties to the eighties. Now supposedly being the future of that time, futuristic fashion has failed to take off. It seems, rather than adopting space suits and attire from the likes of Star Trek, Vintage Is The New In certain trends have gone through somewhat of a revival. More surprisingly, our approach to fashion has become quite lazy. It seems the easiest way to get dressed these days is to throw on a tee shirt and a pair of jeans. Fashion has become cheap and is commonly mass produced. We have resorted to the use of crocs and onesies for the sake of ease, comfort and convenience. So what happened to dressing up?


The fact of the matter is that dressing up makes you feel good. Even just putting on your favourite perfume or having your hair done can totally change your day first image (believe it guys, it's true)! So why not make your day more interesting, wear something different but classic to work, put on some luxurious pyjamas when you're at home to take you to the land of nod, dare to wear something subtle and demure (rather than sexy and revealing) to the next party where less is more. And if Wear Something Different But Classic To Work you're new to all this, check out our key looks section to get you started and change the way you look and feel forever!


I must admit, I wasn't always stylish. Years have gone by and I have slowly learnt what suits me and complements my body shape. I remember the days when I lived in Italy (fashionable Milan) and my Italian friends would question my choice of socks and wonder why my shoes clearly didn't match my bag. It was then that I really became interested in fashion, not trends as such but how to look stylish on an everyday basis, which of course the Milanese have a knack for. My Italian Friends Would Question My Choice Of Socks And Wonder Why My Shoes Clearly Didn't Match My Bag


Did you know that the number one item that women buy to instantly update their look is an accessory? It could be a pair of shoes, a handbag or some jewellery. Because it's (usually) cheaper than buying a whole new outfit and it offers a practical and simple way to change your existing look, this could be a great and easy way to transform your wardrobe into a vintage inspired one. Check out our accessories, our selection of footwear and The Accessory Offers A Practical And Simple Way To Change Your Existing Look  our wide array of handbags to suit second image  any style. We also have vintage style hair accessories and even mobile phone accessories! Happy Shopping!


I have to say my favourite piece of clothing is the coat. A Coat Can Make Or Break An Outfit A coat can be worn all year round in the UK (due to the weather)! I feel bare even without a light jacket and at times, I have even worn a coat when the summers are really bad! It is an essential part of any woman's wardrobe and can make or break an outfit, plus, I don't know about you but I need to feel warm!


Hold on, what about men? Well, I certainly notice what a man is wearing! I Admire A Man Who Pays Attention To His Appearance And Takes Care Of Himself On my travels (in Southern Europe) I was quite humoured to learn that the groomed beard is the new in thing for men - which surprisingly, totally complements the vintage look. Britain is renowned around the world for its statement pieces, take the pinstripe suit for example. In fact, the largest department store in Spain is called 'The English Cut' (in Spanish of course) based on this idea.


A Man's Home Is His Castle! What better place to add a vintage touch! Nowadays, IKEA and ‘Pound Shops’ seem to be the trend -why spend a fortune on your home when you can have what you need for a fraction of the cost? But what happened to character, personal taste, originality and timeless classics? It seems that all that has gone out the window and now we instantly recognize an IKEA chair or kitchen when we enter someone’s home. There’s no doubt that cheap antiques are hard to come by, some fanatics spend hours scouring market stalls and if you do find something, it’s rarely in optimum condition (obviously because it’s been used or something’s missing or broken for that matter). What we need is a reminder of how beautiful simple things used to be, I Love Searching For Unusual Bits And Pieces When I’m Abroad So I Have Permanent Reminders Of Various Countries I Have Visited we need our homes to portray our personal character and not be the same as everyone else’s so when people come into our personal living environment, they are actually experiencing how we live. Personally, I love searching for unusual bits and pieces when I’m abroad so I have permanent reminders of various countries I have visited and I think everyone should have the chance to make their place their own. So that’s why we came up with the idea of ‘Vintage For The Home’. Now you can add a signature touch to your home and turn it into something unique, something personal and something that reminds you of a different era that takes you back… And the best thing is, it’s not only affordable but also brand new, made in the style of trends from the last century. Your friends will never see your place in the same light again!

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